Following Junior Cycle, students progress to Senior Cycle. We have access to a range of senior cycle programmes in St. Colman’s Community College.

Transition Year

Transition Year is a one-year programme which provides a bridge between the junior and senior cycles. Our programme promotes the intellectual, emotional, moral, physical, social, vocational and civic development of the student. There are several complimentary strands to the Transition Year Programme in St. Colman’s Community College. All students study the core subjects of English, Irish and Maths throughout the entire year and experience the other sixteen senior cycle subjects for eight-week modules. Further there are a series of short courses that are specific to TY as well as once off calendar events which augment the educational, social and cultural aspects of the programme. Transition Year is the ideal time for students to begin to think about future career paths and work experience placements throughout the year enhance their personal development and decision making. The programme offered may vary from year to year.

Leaving Certificate

Leaving Certificate at Higher and Ordinary Levels are available in the following subjects –

• Mathematics • Construction Studies • Design & Communication Graphics

• English • Economics • Art

• Gaeilge • Geography • Chemistry

• History • German • Physics

• Accounting • Business • Biology

• Engineering • Agricultural Science • Home Economics

• Applied Maths • Politics & Society

Availability of subjects is dependent on timetabling constraints, student demand for the subject and staffing.

Leaving Certificate Applied Programme (L.C.A)

Leaving Certificate Applied is a two year Leaving Certificate available to students who wish to follow a practical programme with a strong social and vocational emphasis. The main aim of the programme is to prepare participants for the transition from the world of the school to that of adult and working life.

The Leaving Certificate Applied

has three main strands:

• Vocational Preparation

• Vocational Education

• General Education

• LCA is a recognised established route to further Education