1st year Subject Options

Core Subjects

These subjects dont need to be selected as these are mandatory subjects

Junior Cycle students study the following core subjects

  • English

  • German/Spanish

  • Irish

  • Mathematics

  • History

  • Religious Education

  • Science

  • Wellbeing (including Physical Education, CSPE, Social Personal & Health Education and other areas of learning)

Computer Technology plays an integral role in both learning and assessment in a wide range of subjects.

Option Subjects

CHOICE SUBJECTS: In addition, each first year student will choose to study any three of the following choice subjects listed below. In order to accommodate as many student preferences as possible in the First Year timetable you are asked to list in order of preference on vsware the following subjects:








WOODWORK (Materials Technology Wood)

Option Subjects Information Videos

Our students and teachers have put together helpful videos so students make better decisions when choosing option subjects.









Logging in to vsware to choose subject options

You will be using VSware throughout your child's time in St Colmans, for timetable , reports, attendance tracking etc.

The following steps take you through setting up your VSware account for the first time and onto subject option selection.

Step 1

Click on vsware login or go to


Step 2

Click on link above Sign in button and choose Create/Reset Password

Step 3

Type in username you received in text from St Colmans CC (note the dot in your username usually after the first letter , which is a capital) and then type the last four digits of your mobile

Step 4

You will receive a text with a code , type that in.

Step 5

then create your own password and type it in twice into boxes. Make sure your password follows all four rules

Click Change Password

Click go to login

Step 6

Type in your username and password and then user setup will start click button

Step 7

Accept the terms and conditions

Step 8

Click Finish

Step 9

choose Subject options on left side navigation

Step 10

Read instructions at top of page

Step 11

Click in Box beside number and choose subjects in order of preference

Step 12

When all subjects are chosen , the words Options entry Completed will appear. THERE IS NO SAVE BUTTON , its not needed.

Changing Subjects if a Change of Mind

Parents can log back in at any time during the subject options choosing period up to 9th April and change subjects chosen and this will overwrite previous selection.

After this date it is much more difficult to change subjects as many subjects are full after this date and subjects are arranged in blocks so subject moves are quite limited at that stage.

Will my child get the subjects they choose

Please note that while we endeavour to provide students with their highest ranked choices this is not always possible.


Some advise from our students about making the transition from primary to second level schooling

If you need support email admin@colmans.ie or call office during office hours