The following is a list of all subjects available to Junior Cycle students:-

• Gaeilge • Technical Graphics • Geography

• Mathematics • Business Studies • Science

• English • Art, Craft & Design • Well-Being:

• History • Computer Studies • SPHE

• Materials Technology (Wood) • Religious Education

• Physical Education • Materials Technology (Metal) 

• German • CSPE • Home Economics • Music

The new Junior Cycle emphasises the importance of valuing, acknowledging and affirming all the students’ learning opportunities and experiences during the three years of Junior Cycle.

Our Junior Cycle programme is designed to suit the curricular needs of our students and offers rich learning opportunities for all.

Junior Certificate School Programme

The Junior Certificate Schools Programme (JCSP) is a national programme sponsored by the Department of Education and Skills and its aim is to support Junior Certificate students in their education. The JCSP is not an alternative to the Junior Certificate. It is a framework that is designed to help schools and teachers develop an imaginative approach to teaching and learning. All the students in the Programme must be entered for the Junior Certificate examination. The initiatives and supports funded by JCSP may be offered to specific classes, targeted students or on occasion the whole year group. The exact programme will vary each academic year but will contain the following:

• Literacy and Numeracy Initiatives

• Subject Statements and Cross Curricular Statements

• Recording Achievements, Profiling and Certification

• Rewards and Celebrations

Students cannot fail JCSP. It is an intervention based on the concept that

all students are capable of success.