December Examinations

Guidelines and Timetables

Examination Guidelines for Students

  1. Examination timetables are available on the school website and on the blue noticeboard by the courtyard. Students will be given an individual timetable which they should put in a safe place.
  2. The examination period runs from Monday Dec. 17th to Thursday 20st.
  3. Second years: Rooms 1,2,3,4,5,14,16
  4. Year 1: PE hall
  5. Transition Year: Prefabs
  6. Year 5: PE hall
  7. LCA 1: Room 30
  8. Students must have all examination materials required for examinations – pens, pencil, calculator, etc.
  9. Students should have mobile phones powered off during the examinations.
  10. Students are not permitted to remove names or write on the desks or labels attached. Students will be required to pay for any damage to examination furniture.
  11. All students are required to remain in the examination centre until the end of the examination and may only leave when the teachers supervising give permission to do so.
  12. Silence is expected for the duration of the examination. Any interruption to the examinations will result in a student being removed from the examination centre and a parent being contacted. Late entry into the examination hall is only permitted under exceptional circumstances..
  13. Student may bring water but no other drinks or food into the examination centre.
  14. Students may be asked to move from one desk to another by a teacher and must do so respectfully and without delay.
  15. Students are expected to avail of toilet facilities before an examination so that examinations are not interrupted.
  16. First and second year students will be present throughout the school day during the examination period and will have study periods when they are not timetabled for an examination.
  17. Fifth year students are required to be present for all timetabled examinations and may arrive during the small break or lunch break if they have no timetabled examination(s) earlier in the day. Students require a note from parent.
  18. Fifth year Students may sign out when they have completed the examination slots for the day but MAY NOT sign out for the 11.05 -1.05 slot if they have an examination after lunch.