Using Schoolwise for Students & Parents

Schoolwise is an Irish made Teaching and Learning platform which helps students complete their work with confidence.

It assists students

in keeping track of the work they are receiving from Teachers

Gives the student a simple and straightforward way of receiving and submitting work

Communication between Teachers and Students is enhanced

Students can receive timely and effective direction and feedback on work

Attendance and attainment tracking is richer

Schoolwise works equally well on phones as it does on other devices

Student Q&A on Schoolwise

Q How will Schoolwise help my school work

A. You will be able to receive information, feedback and directions from teachers You will be able to communicate with Teachers, It will show you what work you have yet to complete and when it is needed for You will be able to submit your work

Q Doesn't Google Classroom do this already

It does some of it however it can be difficult using just Google Classroom to keep track of what work you have to do and when you have to hand it in. Schoolwise reduces the amount of emails that you have to manage and keeps all your communications from your teachers together

Q. How do I log into Schoolwise

Go to and use your School Google account to log in

Q How Do I Learn how to use Schoolwise

Watch Video Below then have a look through The Articles