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Currently, there are 21 bumblebee species found in Ireland, but if you first learn how to record the six common species, you will be able to recognize the less common species when you find them.

Within this online course there are activities and quizzes to test yourself on how you are getting on with your identification skills and you will get feedback on your answers. These quizes will help you gain confidence in correctly identifying bumblebee species.

While the course is long (2-3hrs), you can log in and out at any time and resume where you left off, use the menu on the far left of the course screen to pick your section to start learning from. Our advice is to take your time doing the course and return to a unit to revise the information at your convenience. When you are doing the course it is best viewed from a computer, laptop or tablet.




Please note: Many thanks to the teachers of St Colman's who have created most of the content that will be posted on this page.