Childcare QQI Level 5 5M2009

Course Commencement

These Course will commence again in Sept 2018, you can apply now as courses are often full by June, if you do apply now we may not contact you back immediately, in the meantime If you have a question regarding the course please email

Course Description

This course is designed for learners who are interested in pursuing a career in childcare or learners who wish to pursue further studies. This course will facilitate learners who wish to care for young people in a range of settings, including nurseries, creches and playgroups. Studying towards a childcare qualification is an enjoyable journey as you will get to explore all aspects of a child’s development, from safety and psychology, to regulation and legislation.

The Award

A national Certificate QQI level 5 in Early Childhood Care and Education 5M2009 Major Award is awarded on successful completion. The award is recognised within the National Framework of Qualifications (See Below)

To obtain a full QQI Major Award Level 5 a learner must be successful in 8 components.


Social Welfare Recipients/Medical Card Holders Course Cost €50 Exam Fee Free Not a Social Welfare Recipients/Medical Card Holders Course Cost €250 Exam Fee €50

€50 of Course Cost is Payable before end of June.

A student services costs of €50 is paid by all students this pays for all books, photocopying etc.

Book Loan Scheme: All course text books are loaned to students covered by the student services fee.

Course Subjects

Child Development 5N1764 (Credit Value 15 -mandatory)

Learn to identify and respond appropriately to children’s developmental needs in the home and the early years setting. Recognise the contribution of adults and the role of observation as a learning tool for the childcare worker. Understand the importance of play in development.

Early Care & Education Practice 5N1770 (Credit Value 15 -mandatory)

Learn to participate effectively in teamwork in an early years service using effective communication skills with families, children and colleagues. Understand daily logs, routines and record keeping in running the service efficiently.Explore the rules and regulations that govern the industry.

Early Childhood Education & Play 5N1773 (Credit Value 15 -mandatory)

Understand how to select relevant play activities and materials appropriate to children’s interests and stage of development and cultural background. Use a range of reading and story telling techniques to suit different ages and cultural background. Asses the value of a toy, game or piece of play equipment. Explore the features of a supportive play environment.

Child Health & Well-being 5N1765 (Credit Value 15 -mandatory)

Identify requirements for the promotion of healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments for children. Learn about common childhood illness and devise balanced menus for babies, toddlers and children. Perform suitable care routines for babies and young children including the care of the child when unwell.

Work Experience 5N1356 (Credit Value 15 -mandatory)

Planning, preparation and reflection on work placement. Job finding strategies, CV and personal statement preparation, interview skills. Practice employability skills with a view to future planning.

Communications 5N0690 (Credit Value 15 -mandatory)

Acquire the writing skills needed for the workplace, learn to speak fluently and coherently in a professional setting, develop interpersonal skills and have an understanding of the impact of ICT on society.

Children with Additional Needs 5N2396 – Learn to interact in a range of ways with children with special needs. Identify common conditions and disabilities relating to children and plan developmentally appropriate activities mindful of the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all children. Learn to work responsibly as part of a team.

School Age Childcare 5N1781 -Learn the elements of an effective school age child care programme. Developing programme plans that are inclusive of children and young people. Strategies to ensure that a strong focus on play/recreation. Identify aspects of provision for enrichment/homework within a multi-age setting. Evaluate environments, equipment and resources to suit stages of development and ages. Evaluate a range of environments (indoor and outdoor) suitable for a school age child care setting

To obtain a full QQI (Fetac) Level 5 Community Care Award a learner must be successful in 8 components

Work Experience

Work experience placement is an integral part of this course. Candidates gain first-hand experience by attending appropriate and related work placements within the community care environment. Garda clearance is essential to partake in work experience which comprises a minimum of 10 days placement.

Progression/Career Opportunities

Learners, who have successfully completed the Childcare course, are eligible to apply for employment as a Childcare assistant within the childcare sector. Alternatively, the full FETAC Level 5 award facilitates entry, to FETAC Level 6 Childcare Courses.

If the cost of childcare is preventing you from doing a course with us. All our courses are CETS approved which means that Childcare is subsidised, costing somewhere between €25 and €10 per week per child.

Just let the college know you wish to avail of CETS and check with your childcare center that they have a CETS place.

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