Junior Certificate School Programme

 JCSP ( is for a limited number of pupils). A student centred approach to the Junior Cycle Curriculum The Junior Certificate School Programme is a National programme sponsored by the Department of Education and skills and the NCCA.

This programme ensures that every student is given the chance to do well. It is the Junior Certificate programme with a plus. All students are entered for the Junior Certificate examination plus they get a profile that lists their skills and explains all the things they are good at.

It is designed to bring out the best in each pupil all the way through school and in the Junior Certificate examination. Students work on short term goals so they can see the progress they are making. Students build up their skills gradually and success is rewarded at each stage. 

The aim for the student is to:
Enjoy school
Get involved
Experience success
Have positive reports to bring home
Develop a positive self-image
Improve literacy and numeracy
Improve attendance
Enjoy a broad curriculum
Stay in school
Achieve a final positive record of achievement