Tues 8.00 - 9.30 
9 weeks
Price: €100

Nutrition Course Outline

Week 1 :
Basic introduction to food & science behind carbohydrates fats ,& proteins and how we use these as our main source of energy. The benefits and importance of each food group & the RDA's. Outline course schedule for the coming weeks.

Week 2:
Talk about vitamins & minerals.
The RDA of each,
Look at the importance of minerals and symptoms associated with lack of these.
Will do a screening for iodine (associated with thyroid for the group)

Week 3:
We will look at types of diets eg. Dukan, 5:2, sugar free, paleo, vegan etc.,
I will look at alternative medicine (using foods to prevent illness) Ayurveda teachings and complete a dosha quiz with the group to see what types of foods suit best.

Week 4: .
Talk about calorie intake and how important it is to get a balance between what you take in and what you burn. Calculate according to weight how much each individual should be taking in. Go through exercise & different types.

Week 5:
Food intolerances explanation, food additives and E numbers.
Body fat analysis assessment covering BMI, weight, waste measurements, metabolic age,
using my own software.

Week 6:
Benefits of juicing, detoxing and the stages of it.
Will bring in my juicer and give samples.

Week 7: optional
Baking demonstration, healthy options for all the family, cookies, muffins, quiches mad
more. Each individual is asked to pay €10 for supplies.