Making the most of your computer


Beginners,Making Most of your Computer
Tues 7.00 - 9.00 
8 weeks
Price: €120

Do you have a computer that is lying around your home not being used?
Maybe you use it for just one purpose - but why not use it more!
Social media whats it all about — be "clued-in" and know what it is all about.

This course is suitable for beginners or those who have a little know-how or those who want to explore a new use for their computer.

Among the topics covered will be:
° Social media - what is it‘? should you use it?
' Creating letters and documents - using Microsoft Word
' Creating budgets and keeping track of expenses - using Microsoft Excel
' Enhancing your photos and videos by creating slide shows and movies - using Windows
Live Moviemaker
' Book hotels, flights or shop online using the internet and email
° Create a blog or website using Wordpress - get your ideas out there

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