Italian For Beginners


Italian For Beginners

Wed 7.00-8.00 
10 weeks
Price: €80

Week 1: Greeting people and saying good-bye
Introducing yourself ,
Asking people their names and where they are from

Week 2: Asking how they are
Italian alphabet and spelling your name
Numbers 1- 50

Week 3: Giving and asking for phone numbers
Telling and asking the time
Numbers 50- 100

Week 4: Days of the week
Express your age

Week 5: Describing states of being
Describing yourself

Week 6: Colours
Talking about family
Describing daily activities

Week 7: Ordering food in a restaurant
Typical Italian dishes

Week 8: Booking accommodation in a hotel
Enquiry about facilities

Week 9: Expressing possession
Expressing likes and dislikes

Week 10: Asking for directions