Italian Continuing


Italian Continuing

Wed 8.00-9.30
10 weeks
Price: €100
Week 1: Describe your home 
Describe objects and where they are located

Week 2: Asking for directions,
Doing errands

Week 3: Talking about past actions -
Talking about food
Shopping for food
Shopping in speciality stores
Handling and changing money

Week 4: Describing actions
Talking about things you used to do
Describing actions, situations and people in the past

Week 5: Talking about hobbies
Talking about sport
Talking about the future
Discussing vacations

Week 6: Talking about routine daily activities
Discussing illness and visits to the doctor
Human body
Comparing people, places and things

Week 7: Buying clothes and talking about fashion

Week 8: Expressing wishes and requests politely

Talking about what you and others would do in different circumstances

Week 9: Giving commands
Expressing desires, opinions, emotions and doubts

Week 10: Talking about profession and the workplace
Discussing means of transportation '