Interior Design


Interior Design

Wed 7.30 - 9.30
7 weeks
Price: €100

This course is designed to help the participants become aware of the concepts of Interior Design so they can be inspired by the world around them, and how they can incorporate, colour, travel, art and nature into ideas for there homes. They can learn the natural order of colour and understand the colour wheel.

This course will also cover simple drawing of rooms, and managing space. All aspects of design will be covered, giving the participants a good understanding of interior Design. This is a foundation course but may help someone who is thing of taking up Interior Design as a career, of simply to gain confidence in starting a project at home.

All participants will be encouraged to design their own mood board, at the end of the course participants will be able to discuss and display their work.

The objectives of this course are as folIows:-
  • Gain Confidence in design decisions
  • Learn to Manage Space
  • Understanding Colour.
  • Examine Lighting Solutions
  • Design a Mood Board
  • Source Materials.

Description of what students are required to bring with them, 

Scissors; Paper glue; Colouring pencils; Any kind of magazines; Interior design magazines;
Scale rule if possible. (-110.00 will be required to purchase a story board which tutor will arrange to buy.