Garden Design QQI 5 (Fetac)


Garden Design QQI 5 (Fetac)

Wed 7.30-9.30 
20 weeks
Price: €160 x2

At the end of this course Learners will be able to:

1 Explain the principles of garden design to include unity, balance,
proportion and scale, rhythm, contrast and dominance

2 Describe garden design elements including hard and soft
materials, water, furniture and fittings

3 Carry out a site survey on the existing characteristics of a given
site to include context, views, aspect, soil type, prevailing wind,
existing hard materials, vegetation and boundaries to be
presented on an A3 site survey drawing 

4 Deal with site challenges in an open and constructive manner

5 Demonstrate graphic technique to include selection of drawing
instruments and materials, use of labelling and landscape
symbols, freehand sketching and drawing to scale

6 Draft a master plan, on a minimum A3 size drawing, of a
proposed garden where all drawings are A3 size, to scale
including section and elevation views

7 Compile a planting plan, of a minimum A3 size, with plant list
and drawing with locations

8 Present, on a minimum A3 size drawing, a site analysis
including client's brief, budgetary consideration and financial

9 Present a concept plan explaining key features and approaches
to design

10 Implement procedures to create and maintain a safe working
environment including safety standards regarding lifting, carrying
and handling plants, tools and equipment..