ECDL-European Computer Driving Licence

ECDL-European Computer Driving Licence
Wed 8.00-10.00 
30 weeks
Price: €230 x2

Over 600,000 Irish people have participated in ECDL, the world's most successful IT skills certification programme. ECDL equips individuals with the IT skills they need to prepare for the workplace and further study.

To obtain a ECDL award the learner take 7 modules in total, the following is a summary of the modules we offer. At the end of each module the learner takes an online exam. 

Module 1 ECDL Computer Essentials
Discover the essential concepts and skills relating to the use of devices, file creation and management, networks, and data security. This Module covers everything from hardware to software to malware.

Module 2 ECDL Online Essentials 
Learn about security and safety on the web, and about online communities and communications. This new ECDL Module covers the basics of going online, including web browsing, effective search engine use, online communication and email.

Module 3 Wordprocessing
Learn how to use word processing software to accomplish everyday tasks. Discover how to create and format letters and short documents, work with different page sizes, control font and other settings, and insert images in a document.

Module 4 Spreadsheets
Discover how to develop, modify and use a spreadsheet for typical data management and analysis tasks. Learn how to use formulas and functions for performing calculations, and create graphs and charts based on spreadsheet data.

Module 5 Databases
Gain the knowledge and skills to create and modify tables, queries, forms and reports. Learn how to relate tables, and how to retrieve and manipulate information from a database by using query and sort tools.

Module 6 Presentation
Learn how to create, format, modify and prepare presentations for display and printed distribution. Discover how to create presentation templates, control fonts and background settings, and insert tables, images and charts.

Module 7 IT Security
Learn how to protect your home or workplace computer and its data from a range of fraudulent or malicious threats, including viruses, phishing, hacking, transaction fraud. Also discover how to get the best from IT security products.