Computers Next Step QQI 4 (Fetac)

Computers Next Step QQI 4 (Fetac)

Tues 6.00 - 8.00 
10 weeks
Price: €140

This class is at beginners level, it is certified so good for CV. Its for those who want their first computer certificate and feel they are not yet ready for ECDL.
     We recommend that all those who are going from no computer skills and wish to become fluent, should start either at beginners or at this course next step then take ECDL and finally do an advanced course.

Topics in this course 

Unit 1 Parts that make a computer & how the work
Unit 2 Data entry/ keyboard skills
Unit 3 Word Processing(Microsoft Word)
Unit 4 Introduction to the Internet
Unit 5 File Management creating folders & searching the system for files.

General Topic to be covered each week:

Week 1 Guide to the Computer & how it Works (Unit 1)
Week 2 Unit  1 Continued
Week 3 Revision Unit 1 Short Exam
Week 4 Introduction to Keyboard Skills & extra symbols (Unit 2)
Week 5 Revision Unit 2 Short Exam
Week 6 Introduction to Word (Unit 3)
Week 7 Unit 3 Continued 
Week 8 Revision Unit 3 Short Exam
Week 9 Introduction Internet (Unit 4)
Week 10 Unit 4 Continued
Week 11 Revision Unit 4 Short Exam
Week 12 Introduction to Files (unit 5)
Week 13 Revision Unit 5  Short Exam