Cloud Computing Core ECDL

Cloud Computing Core ECDL
(€50 test fee)
Wed 6.00-8.00 
8 weeks
Price: €120

Online collaboration, this course is for all who work or wish to work in a business as online collaboration is now essential skills for all as online storage, online shared calendars, online office applications etc are now mainstream in work environments.

Discover the concepts and skills relating to the setup and use of online collaborative tools, such as storage, productivity applications, calendars, social media, web meetings, learning environments, and mobile technology.

Completing this ECDL Module enables learners to demonstrate they have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand the key concepts relating to online collaboration and cloud computing.Set up accounts to prepare for online collaboration.
  • Use online storage and web-based productivity applications to collaborate.
  • Use online and mobile calendars to manage and plan activities.
  • Collaborate and interact using social networks, blogs, and wikis.
  • Schedule and host online meetings and use online learning environments.
  • Understand key mobile technology concepts and use features such as e-mail, applications, and synchronisation.
There is a online exam at the end of the course in order to be certified.