Bookkeeping and Accounts QQI 5 (Fetac)


Bookkeeping and Accounts QQI 5 (Fetac)
Wed 8.00 - 10.00
20 weeks
Price: €160 x2

This programme is suitable for individuals with little or no experience of manual bookkeeping and who wish to develop their knowledge and skills to record transactions in a manual and computerised bookkeeping environment, especially within a small business.

Course Description

This programme is based on Sage software usage.

  • Preparing:
  • sales/purchase/bank lodgements/bank payments/petty cash books & VAT forms.
  • Company: create and register.
  • Setting up: VAT rates/bank accounts/ledgers; customer/supplier accounts; product details.
  • Enter Documents: sales/purchase/bank lodgements/bank payments/petty cash/invoices.
Unit 1 - Bookkeeping Principles
WEEK 1: Introduction

WEEK 2: Terms
Source Document
Sales Day Book
Sales Return Day Book

WEEK 3: Purchases Day Book; Purchases Returns Day Book

WEEK 4: Petty Cash Book

WEEK 5: Analysed Cash Book

WEEK 6: Purchase & Sale of an Asset on Credit
Opening General Journal
Balancing Accounts
Procedures for recording entries in the Trial Balance

Unit 2 — Computer Principles
WEEK 7: Parts of Computer System
Hardware and Software - Plus Project
File Management Functions

WEEK 8: Project work — plus - Computer Accounts versus Manual Accounts System

WEEK 9: Project work — plus - Data Accuracy, Security and Confidentiality
Anti-virus Protection Software
Awareness on Data Protection Act

WEEK 10: Project Completion.

Unit 3 — Set-up and Input of Transaction Data

WEEK 11: Sage Accounting Package
How to access the accounting package
Set-up standing data e.g. Customers, Nominal A/c's, Stock/Product Codes

WEEK 12: Post Sales Invoices & Credit Notes& Payments from debtors

WEEK 13: Post Purchases Invoices & Credit Notes and Creditor_payments

WEEK 14: Post current bank account receipts
Post current bank account payments by either cheque, direct debit or
standing order

WEEK 15: Post Petty Cash payments & restore the imprest

Unit 4 — Computer Reports and Analysis

WEEK 16: Back up data

WEEK 17: View and print reports form the following:
Sales Ledger; Purchase Ledger; Cash Book & Nominal Ledger
Vat Reports, and analysis

WEEK 18: Revision and report analysis
WEEK 19:
WEEK 20: Computerised examination.