St. Colman’s Community College established it’s ASD programme in September 2011 with an initial intake of 3 pupils and a staff allocation of 1.5 teachers and 1 Special Needs Assistant.  This has grown in the intervening years to 6 pupils and will be expanding again in September 

Our programme is based in a classroom at the centre of the school called “the homeroom”.  This room functions as a base classroom for our ASD pupils where they have an individual work station, area for their books, kitchenette, relaxation area and a group work area. 
In our new extension we will have a suite of rooms including 2 classrooms, a sensory room, 
office, auxiliary rooms and a courtyard area.

Our ASD programme was established to promote educational inclusion for our ASD students  and we provide various forms of support depending on the needs of each individual pupil. 

The curriculum is delivered through supported/unsupported mainstream classes, team teaching, individual and small group resource classes with an altered provision for ASD pupils where necessary  including numeracy, literacy, social skills, anxiety management, we also facilitate the services of Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language therapists where necessary.

Our aim is to facilitate our pupils to achieve their full potential educationally and socially, to promote independence and to prepare pupils for transition into further education or work programme