Archery Course Outline


Wed 7.30 - 9.30 
8 weeks
Price: €100

This is a hand’s on course. It takes place in our large p.e. hall.
All equipment is provided in lessons.
The first night covers all you need to know to have an enjoyable course. It covers
the safety aspect of Archery. It introduces you to the Bow & Arrows, how to take a Bow
apart and how to assemble it how to set up the sights. It also covers team building so that
you can get the most of a nights shooting. There will be a short display on how a bow is
 shot. There will be some simple warm up exercises and then you are on the shooting line
and shooting some Real Arrows.
The rest of the course is dictated by each Archers needs so that all attending can get the           most about of the course.
Archery is not just a sport it is a great way to make friends.